Celebrating No Matter What!

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Woman wearing a long sleeved sweater celebrating with a sparkler glowing in her hands

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“Why Should We Celebrate during a Time like THIS?!”

Celebration might not be something you can imagine at this time, during this year, but bear with me. There’s a reason why it can be of great help in steering your life toward things that give you more of a reason to celebrate.

Celebration – not as we think of it, but as it really is!

Those of you who receive the VMD as part of your Teaching Series Membership know that I talk a lot about metaphysics. Metaphysics is really just a fancy word for the practice of “touching” the natural (quantum) world.

Sometimes that’s an internal practice (like meditation or gratitude), and sometimes it’s getting outside with feet on the ground and connecting to nature in a real, 3D way.  BOTH help to re-center us, bringing us back to what’s real.

Everything is Energy

When you look into nature you can see that blades of grass you could easily crush between your fingers can also grow through the cracks in concrete. Trees can uproot whole sidewalks, and water can erode the Grand Canyon. There is a power that is always seeking to manifest itself throughout the natural world, which includes through us.

The energy that creates worlds doesn’t just live inside that blade of grass, it also lives inside of us. As such it ALWAYS wants to find it’s fullest potential. Even through the seeming barriers we place around it.

Nature is always Celebrating!

If you spend time in nature you’ll notice that it’s always celebrating. Flowers open to the glory of sunlight every morning, even while they may be crushed underfoot at any moment. Birds continue to sing, right on top of power lines that could zap them into oblivion in a second. And look at dogs, no matter how they’re treated they’ll always greet their humans with a wagging tail and hopeful happiness.

Living in the Now Moment allows you to Celebrate

Humans tend to forget how to celebrate their lives. Weighted down with stresses of how to make ends meet, how to get better at what it is we’re doing. Even trying to get OUT of what we’re doing so we can do something we’d rather do! Humans live in the past and future, while nature lives in the Now moment. The only moment where any of us have any power to do anything is the Now moment.


Years ago when I asked my spiritual teacher “How do I bring this practice more into my life”, he said “The first thing you need to do is remove the word HOW from your vocabulary”. I was shocked, and thought immediately “How do I do THAT?” lol. He went on, “The HOW is not your work, the HOW is the work of the Universe, you’re only job is to figure out the WHAT, and to keep your attention on that, while releasing any thoughts that could get in the way of that.

The HOW is something you will NEVER be able to script, plan, or execute, and if you look back on the blessings of your life most of the time you’ll see you never COULD have figured it would work out LIKE THAT”. He was right as usual, which is why he was my teacher!

When we focus on the How of things, we get caught up in the minutia, we begin to see the roadblocks “How will I ever be able to afford that?”, “How can I get out of this job”, “How will I get those gigs?”. The response from the Quantum field is always that which we’re putting focus on: The job we can’t get out of (“Can’t get out of Job” is the signal!), the lack of funds (“Not enough money!” is the signal!).

Not How, WHAT!

When we focus on the WHAT we give our mind, heart, and energy to the end goal, – the result – and we allow for the natural world to orchestrate itself around that intention. This is what allows the grass to grow through the concrete. It doesn’t sprout in the darkness and think “Omg WHY did I have to end up here?!”, “Why couldn’t I have been over THERE? In that Yard!”. It doesn’t lament that it has concrete to grow through, it just sprouts and thinks one thing: “Which way is the Sun?!”.

Energy flows where attention goes, so if you focus on the Sun, which is the end result (if you’re a blade of grass) a way will ALWAYS be made.

So, getting back to the topic of celebration! There was a day I shifted my perception of celebration entirely, based on what I just explained above. In ONE day my perception – and my experience – changed.

I learned to Celebrate the day I was told this:

“When you celebrate you are sending a signal to the Universe, that is always saying YES to whatever signal you’re sending. The signal you’re beaming out is that YOU are a place where celebration happens. SO, if you are celebrating yourself and your own successes that’s great, but if you only celebrate in those instances you are robbing yourself of the Universe’s YES to more good.

Celebrating OTHERS’ successes is JUST as important to your success as celebrating your own. When you celebrate another’s wins you ALSO send a signal to the Universe, which again, only knows YES to whatever signal it is you’re sending”.

Understanding what Celebration really is, and what it does in your life

After I was “schooled” on the energetic opening that celebration causes, I thought about the people in my life who are constantly celebrating others, and how youthful and successful they are. I realized that they’re like nature, always celebrating, no matter what.

Celebratory people are bright lights to be around, compared to those we might know who have a tendency towards jealousy and envy of others’ successes. Those people by comparison are a drag to be around, gossiping, complaining, and of course struggling. Remember, the Universe only knows “Yes!”.

Where’s The Sun?!

I’m not saying there’s never any struggle, but like the blade of grass though the concrete, some people are focused on “The Sun!” more than anything else in their way, and boy do they grow.

Celebration is a frequency. It’s a vibration, much like Joy. It totally lights up the density of 3D, and is seen throughout the quantum world. That’s why animals with their 6th sense, and babies too can sense and enjoy being around people who practice celebration.

You can’t always be in a state of joy and celebration, it’s not a permanent place that we get to and are in forever-more. That’s why it’s called a “practice”, cause you have to practice it.

Celebrating Others Can Lead To More Good For Everyone

I made a vow that day that whenever I saw someone get a win in their life I would celebrate like it was me who’d had the win. Even if I never said anything (sometimes it was someone I read about), I always thought “Wow! That’s amazing! How bomb is that! I love how the Universe works!”.

There were times I couldn’t always honor that vow, sometimes when people around me achieved things I desperately wanted to achieve too. But rather than take anything from them, which would have sent the signal to the Universe to take from me (cause I’m beaming the signal of “lack”), I sat with my own awareness that I was feeling that, and I worked to find something better to feel. Sometimes it was just “I’m glad I’m aware of how I keep myself in a place of lack, and I look forward to changing that”. Awareness is where it ALL begins.

Celebration Can Change Your Life

Slowly but surely I recalibrated my programmed mind from one of “Why can’t I have THAT”, to “That is so cool that even happens!”, to “I’m so happy that happens!” to “I’m so happy for YOU!”. More often than not I am in that space, and what I’ve noticed is that it’s allowed me to experience many more wins in my own life. How cool is that?!

It isn’t wishful, pollyanna-type thinking, nor is it manipulative (because remember, this is all vibrationally based). Metaphysics really IS applied scientific principle on the quantum level.

When you celebrate others, you become a place where the signal “Celebration” strengthens. As a reuslt, the quantum field literally bends itself towards that, giving you more and more reasons TO celebrate.

It is the quantum field that is back of ALL manifest 3D reality. The knock on wood reality you think is all there is, is only the manifestation of the energy that came before it.

Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

If you want that gig, that dream job, that “break”, but you are reticent to celebrate others who get that gig, that dream job, that break, the Universe will only respond to THAT signal you’re beaming out.

Yes you have to work hard, but that is only a fraction of what makes dreams come true, this we know from the stories of those who have.

Steve LOVES to Celebrate Others!

Even though Steve’s career came to him, and while he’s worked incredibly hard to get where he’s at, he also practices these principles in a DEEP and abiding way. experiences what you would consider setbacks, screw-over’s and things that could make your blood boil in this industry, even at his level.

You know if you’ve been a student of his for any length of time that he always goes back to square one when shtf: gratitude. From there he recalibrates his energetic, even to the point of being able to celebrate whomever might have gotten the gig that was slated for him. He doesn’t take years to do that either, he can literally do it in minutes. Why? Cause he’s practiced it!

Becoming a Place where the Celebration Signal is Strong!

I encourage you to see celebration as not only a some-timey thing that happens when there’s “a reason” to, and to instead see it as the constant state of all of creation, singing and reaching for the Sun, no matter what.

Reach, like the blade of grass, and allow for theSun” you’re reaching for to be your dominant focus, while you watch the obstacles move out of the way in ways you could not have imagined.

In this time of uncertainty and upheaval, you don’t see nature lamenting. Nature continues to strive, to reach for the Sun, and to live in the Now. As you attune yourself, and recalibrate yourself to that orientation – one who celebrates things rather than complaining and lamenting things, you’ll find the Sun shining more often in your corner as well.

It works, if you work it.

Something Extra…

If you’re not particularly “meta” in your perception, this stuff can seem like woo-woo and hard to apply. Here’s a wonderful 12 minute video by the highly successful Brendon Burchard, on why it’s so important to Celebrate, especially the small wins in your life. Success leaves clues, just like Nature 😉


With Love,


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