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About Your Teacher Steve Blum

Best known as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, Wolverine from X-Men shows and games, Zeb Orrelios from Star Wars Rebels, Tank Dempsey from Call of Duty, T.O.M. from Toonami and thousands more, Steve has traveled the world, inspiring others to pursue their passions and express their creative gifts.

“Most Prolific Videogame Voice Actor”

About Blumvox Studios

Blumvox Studios is where Steve’s vast array of experience and insight is accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Here you’ll find various levels of instruction, tips, and techniques both for voiceover and for life, and the opportunity to connect directly with Steve in his Voiceover Classes.

We encourage you to take a look around and dive into the amazing world of Voiceover.

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“Treasure Trove of info”

What I have received by taking these classes has been immeasurable, and I haven’t come across anything even remotely comparable yet at this value that includes this treasure trove of information.

Zac P.

“Money well spent”

I’m restrictive when it comes to spending money because I don’t have enough to go around. However, after viewing your videos, I can say without a doubt that it was money well spent.

Justin J.

Latest from our blog

Red background painting of an animated charicature of Steve Blum screaming at a microphone

Vent Carefully

I’m often asked to record characters that scream, growl, roar, or simply speak very loudly.   In this blog I’m going to discuss what the effects of that are on the body, and why it’s important to be careful and look after your instrument.

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Tech and Tech- Steve Blum in the booth pointing down at his mic

Tech and Tech #3

Recorded October 2021 during the live Bonus Class offered to Teaching Series Members. Agents: “Is it okay to have more than one? I would like to have a local Agent and then look for one that’s out of state in another market.”

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Steve Blum on Location - Remotely

Location Location Location!

One of the most common reasons people think they can’t succeed in Voiceover is:  “Where I live”. I can’t express how many times I’ve heard  “I wish I could get into Voiceover but I don’t live in the right place”,

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Banner image of voice actor Grey DeLisle with characters

Grey Matters

I was lucky enough to spend an evening with the gregariously delightful Grey DeLisle Griffin. Enjoy this excerpt from Class 55, where Grey shared her life, wisdom, and lots of laughs, so that others might learn and grow.

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