The Many Lives of A Voiceover Artist

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Banner for past Sideshow Collectibles event on Thursday, November 1st featuring Steve Blum

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The Life of a Voiceover Artist varies from day to day. Here Steve sits down with the amazing folks over at Sideshow Collectibles, the dream team that bring your favorite characters to life in real, 3D form, to talk about playing Starscream from Transformers Prime.

Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow has been around since 1994 and lovingly and meticulously create collectible figures that have become iconic in their own right. While collecting figures began in earnest in the late 1970’s, around the time of Star Wars, entire generations have taken what was once a childhood hobby and turned it into a fully-fledged and often sacred and valued aspect of their lives. These figures are incredibly special to collectors, and the high-end statues often become table centerpieces. They’re absolutely breathtaking to see up close.

Like most successful companies Sideshow is a “family”, one filled with artists that all work in tandem to create works of art with some of the most well-known characters in pop culture. It mirrors the “family” that make up the Voiceover Artist’s who give their blood, sweat and tears to the voices of these characters. Many of whom we grew up listening to and identifying with. As most of you know Steve Blum is a legendary name within the world of animation and video games. His visits to Sideshow are nothing less than hilarious reminders that art imitates life/imitates art. It often feels like a family re-union of sorts and laughter is the most common thing happening.

Unveiling Starscream

Our Blumvox team recently took a tour of the Sideshow production facility and we were blown away! Not just with the talented and amazingly friendly people we encountered as we went floor to floor and room to room. We also found dedication and commitment from the creators, visionaries and artists – to honoring the legacy of the stories their work represents. From the initial digital artists who provide the style, movement and scale, to the molding and sculpting department. To the painters, to the fabric designers and costume-makers, to the photographers that stage and shoot the final product. It was incredible to see just what goes into each piece and how much of themselves they pour into this. These are truly labors of love.

Steve’s recent podcast with Sideshow was in honor of the unveiling of the latest Starscream figure. As you’ll see in the following video it’s a beautifully crafted sight to behold. These “Unveilings” are done Live online, and give folks a chance to not only ask questions in the moment to the Voiceover Artist about his or her time playing that character, they also allow us to remind ourselves just how pivotal these characters and their stories have been in our own lives.

The Voiceover Artist Life

As you’ll see here the interview is a lot of fun, there’s lots to appreciate about how hard a voiceover artist has to work to bring the character off the page, with Steve’s own stories about some of the hardest characters he’s had to voice retold here. One of the most common questions budding voice actors ask is “How do you take care of your Voice”, and while Steve teaches this in-depth in his classes, you can find more info on Caring for your Voice (and yourself!) in this article:

We love the Sideshow family, and we hope you’ll enjoy this podcast as much as we did. Imagine yourself someday immortalized in character.

Art is Life!

Team Blumvox





For more info on Sideshow Collectibles here:


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3 thoughts on “The Many Lives of A Voiceover Artist”

  1. I love Sideshow Collectibles! Their quality is amazing and their detail is unmatched. That said, I also love when two different art forms can come together and just bask in mutual admiration for one another. I myself am obsessed with many different art forms, and I love it when I can incorporate one into the other.

    In short, best cross over ever!

  2. Sideshow Collectibles are simply amazing. I cant even imagine having one of my own that i have brought to life… well, i CAN imagine it but im not so bold as to think it would actually happen to me. i love thwm for what they are and what part of my life thwy represent. Very Cool!

  3. I love this article, especially how you share info for us and even the relation to characters that develop in voice acting. Definitely love the unveilings! I wonder what it feels like to say, hey, I voices this character and look how much of an impact this character has for others.


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