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Recalibration, boy do we know what that looks like at Blumvox Studios!

From recalibrating our website and how we present you with our classes, to recalibrating our Team and how we communicate with each other, it’s as if right when we think “this is perfect!” we realize we need to pivot and change things again. It’s been that way all year, and I’m sure you’ve felt that flux in your own life as well.

Recalibration and Change – both are hard, AND necessary.

We know – given that we work in an online teaching house – that if you don’t move with the times in the online/computer world, it’s very easy to be left behind. We’ve also discovered, especially THIS year, that while it’s easy for a computer to upgrade, to change its coding and simply operate differently, it’s SO much harder for a human being to do the same thing!

We’re not Machines, but Recalibration is STILL necessary!

The word recalibration is usually used in reference to machines that measure, like a speedometer in your car, an altimeter in an airplane, or a compass. These ultra-sensitive measuring devices are calibrated when they’re new, but over time various things can cause them to get out of whack, such that they don’t measure accurately. Recalibrating is a process of resetting the instrument, so that it’s “0.00” is actually Zero, that it’s “N” is actually North. Without recalibrating these machines the people that rely on them can end up wildly off course, and in some cases dead!

But recalibration doesn’t just pertain to machines. It’s vital for humans to do the same thing in their lives as well.

What is your setpoint?
Perhaps it’s changed over time?
When was the last time you looked at what that is?
Do the things that once made you happy no longer do that?
Are you in a relationship or a career or a body that feels “off”?

Recalibrating what’s true for you can help you make more logical, measured decisions going forward. It can help you to know that when you “turn left” in your life, it’s because you’re heading in the right direction for you. You don’t want to be heading away from what is important, and that happens to us more often than not when we don’t take the time recalibrate.

Humans don’t usually figure out they need to recalibrate until something goes wrong.

If you’re wildly off course, or falling and can’t seem to grab hold of the rails in your life, it’s kinda obvious that “I should probably figure out what’s wrong here”. Sadly, that’s usually the ONLY time we have those conversations with ourselves.

These are the moments when we hit the proverbial roof, or “rock bottom” and yet, we can learn to see the signs that we’re “off” in small ways, and recalibrate before those things happen.

Life is always showing us whether we’re calibrated – or not.

Just like a compass that’s only slightly off, you don’t usually get totally lost. You get to your destination, but perhaps it’s a few hundred feet away from where the compass says it should be.

Like a slightly skewed compass, life can show us in it’s own quantum way when we’re slightly off too.

Perhaps your partner is starting to irritate you, or your belt is beginning to get a little tighter (don’t laugh! Covid Belly is a very real thing!).  Perhaps it’s a bit more serious though – maybe you’re finding it harder and harder to go out in the world and connect with people around you. Perhaps with all this Covid stuff you’ve not had real solid human hugs and face to face communication in a while. That can certainly make you go askew.

If you’re struggling with aspects of your life, however small OR large they might seem, they’ll only get worse if you don’t take a look at why.

Recalibration and “Measuring” your Life

As you know, Steve does an entire class on the importance of Gratitude. We think that’s amazing. Even one of our recent Special Guest Teachers – Cree Summer – was blown away by that. “I’m SO glad you do that Steve, it really is the most important thing” she said. Why? Because:

a) Finding something, anything to be grateful for is ALWAYS possible!
b) It helps you to recalibrate how you are seeing (aka: measuring) your Life! And
c) It helps to bring you back into balance, to remember what life is really all about.

Someone who practices gratitude more than they practice complaint is always measuring their life by what IS working, rather than what isn’t. It’s not that there aren’t things they’d prefer to be better than they are, it’s just that “What IS working” is their internal compass’s “True North”. That’s SO powerful, it can’t be over-stated.

Setting gratitude as your True North, or your “0.00” will always help you to more accurately measure your journey through life. It’s not a “one and done” either. Hence why RE-calibration is necessary. Everyone gets a little askew and needs to bring it on back to “0.00”.

Recalibrating Yourself

Ask yourself “What really makes my soul happy?”, “What makes me feel more alive?”, “What makes me feel more connected?”. Rather than “Why do I feel this bad way?” or “What is wrong with me that I can’t get it together?”.

What do you really want? When you find that out, recalibrating TO that, while not simple, is easier than you think. I’ve said this before in other articles, but something profound I learned from a spiritual teacher nearly 20 years ago is:

“Your job is not the HOW, your job is the WHAT. Let the Universe figure out HOW”.

In addition he would always remind us that the Universe will always do that in a way you can never imagine, OR script, no matter how hard you try. So don’t try to force it to happen, cause your way won’t be the way it happens anyway!

Like a compass, all you need to do is know what YOUR True North is, and let the universe bring you to that. It’s quantum physics, or what we call “Meta-physics” and Quantum Scientists know this to be the case. What is being observed and WHO is observing it, changes what is there. Trippy, but True.

It’s not your job to try and make it happen, it’s your job to stay focused on what it is you want. While you will have to take action, don’t get me wrong, your job is to recalibrate to WHAT you want out of life, out of your work, out of your relationships.

Even if all you want is to be a better communicator, so that your job or relationship is smoother and easier going. That’s an EXCELLENT marker to recalibrate yourself to! Good communication is key in ALL human experience!

Change is guaranteed! Recalibrate accordingly!

Regardless of your difficulties – whether it’s a person you don’t like, a body you don’t like, a job you don’t like, or even more serious things like “I don’t like myself”, the wonderful thing about being a fluid, malleable human being is that you can change that, from one moment to the next.

Change is hard, and it will always require that you recalibrate to what is important to you – what’s really important.

Maybe you find you don’t need that high-paying job if it takes you away from your family. Maybe you find (when you sit with yourself and ask the deeper, harder questions) that you value Family more than anything. If that’s the case then you can recalibrate yourself to that and let the quantum field bring to you things that are a match, even as it removes things that aren’t.

Maybe you find that you want to change your body and get fit, if that’s the case then recalibrate yourself to that and let the quantum field bring you the perfect form of exercise that you’ll actually do and not dread! (I just moved into a new home with lots of lawn – I’ve found I LOVE mowing the grass! – AND it’s exercise!).

Again, the HOW is not your work, only the WHAT 😉

Nothing stays the same, especially not in Nature, nor does it need to.  

As we continue to bend our knees and ride the waves of this year into next, change is guaranteed. We’ll have to let go, or be dragged as they say, and I encourage you to let go more often than not. Use the changes and the flux of this year to get clear on what it is that you really want from life, ALL of your life. Let those new desires be what you focus upon. Allow them to also change as you continually recalibrate.

Feel a sense of gratitude that you are here, learning and growing and figuring this thing out. We never really get it wrong, as Nature knows, because just like Nature, we never get it done.

Wishing you an accurate measure of all things that are truly important in your life, and the wherewithal to stay the course, to trust, and to let yourself be guided to the right actions that will help you to achieve them.

Arohanui (Big Love),  


PS: Here’s a wonderful app that I use often that helps me to calm, center, and recalibrate. It’s ironically called “Calm” and you can download it with this link:

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