Me and My Friend Logic

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Logic & Steve Blum in hats

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I got into voiceover cause I loved doing voices. I’ve done them my whole life and especially when my kids were little. If you’d told me back then that I’d not only be doing this for a living one day but that this career would lead me into inspirational speaking, teaching voiceover classes, and talking to thousands of people about things other than cartoons and comic book characters, I would have thought you were crazy!

Yet that’s EXACTLY what I now do. Correction: that’s what I get to do. I don’t have to do it I get to do it. To talk to people from all over the world about things that really matter to their quality of life. Sometimes even whether they choose to keep living or not. I’ve been told many times that a character I voiced saved someone’s life, that it was what they looked forward to when coming home from school, or gave them moments of solace in a life that seemed otherwise unbearable. Some contemplated “leaving” but didn’t, because a character I voiced kept them going. That’s powerful and humbling and something I have always taken very seriously. I use my career and my medium – the opportunity to talk to literally thousands of people 25+ weekends each year – to do good. To uplift. To inspire. To encourage.

I think that’s probably one of the factors that caused the Universe to draw Sir Robert Bryson Hall II… a.k.a. LOGIC… a.k.a. my friend Bobby and me to each other’s work. Logic inspires me in so many ways, even though he says he knew me long before I knew him. There’s an entire page on my website dedicated to the story of our meeting and becoming friends. There are no coincidences in this life. We both accept this responsibility to do good and take it seriously, AND at the same time we’re also just a couple of nerds. We didn’t fit in growing up either. I hid out in my uncle’s comic shop and he hid out in video games and anime. Now we’re in a position of privilege, and with that comes the responsibility to do what’s right with the attention we’re getting.

It’s an honor to call him my friend, as much as it’s an honor to watch him do what he does in the world. The world is in critical need of upliftment right now, and in so many ways, we feel that those of us in positions of “celebrity” have an obligation to do that. The struggle is real and it’s not getting any easier on anyone. I could simply concern myself with only my immediate family, colleagues and my inner circle of friends and live comfortably and quietly. But I remember what it was like to be an outcast. To be excluded. I remember what it was to be teased, bullied, and to not fit in. I meet people who experience these things almost every week in my travels, and connecting with them gives me purpose. This life is fleeting, and careers in the industry can be even more so. Like fickle friendships based on superficial things – what you look like, how you walk, how many boyfriends you’ve had, whether you’ve got a lisp – NONE of that stuff matters. All that matters is that you do YOU, authentically you. I think the fact that Bobby and I chose to be authentic to ourselves is one of the reasons we have the fan bases we do. After spending much of our lives dealing with all the naysayers and bullies and teasers and haters, we both decided that we don’t care what anyone thinks. At that moment we became free, and it’s that freedom that we try to encourage in others through our art. We live our lives in ways that are true to who we are, and it inspires me to no end to help others do the same.

If you’re feeling like an outcast, like you’ve been excluded from the “club,” the group, the clic, have no fear! We’re proof that you really CAN be all that you want to be, the moment you become authentically true to who that person already IS.

You can read the story of me and Logic at:

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2 thoughts on “Me and My Friend Logic”

  1. Yeah, it’s good to know you’re not alone when it comes to being nerds. And honestly, when I grow older, my main goal is to inspire people, and help them through my work. However, just like Logic and you, I wish to stay true to my roots and my heritage. I’ll be proud to do both one day.


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