Product Terms and Conditions

Downloadable Products: Downloadable Products are for home use only. These products may not be distributed or sold by any party other than Blumvox Studios Inc.

Subscription Renewals: Be mindful of your renewal date. This date will appear on your checkout page along with the renewal amount (perhaps note it on your calendar). Your form of payment will automatically be charged on that date each month/year depending on the subscription you choose. Once your payment processes there are no refunds. 
Purchasing a Subscription as an active Student: If changing from one subscription length and/or rate to another, you must also cancel your current subscription to avoid duplication of payment.

Cancelling Subscriptions: Subscriptions are non-refundable. You may cancel at any time through your “My Subscription” tab. Be aware that cancelling either through the website or via PayPal/Stripe, will stop payments from recurring and will end your subscription. You will continue to have access to the content until what would have been your renewal date.

Gift Subscriptions and Fixed Term Subscriptions: Gift subscriptions will end after the gifted period. They do not automatically renew. The recipient will be given an opportunity to manually renew and may receive other offers prior to expiration.

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*ALL Products Are Non-Refundable. 

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